Lets Paws For A Minute

Another year, and another Birthday upon me, my Husband’s to be exact. What should I get him this year.. ? I asked the usual ‘unsuspecting’ questions trying to squeeze any little clues from him as to what he would ‘want’ in his life.. but as suspected I receive the annual, ‘ honestly, I’m fine, I just want you and the kids to be happy ‘, statement. Which is beautiful, I’m grateful and love that about him. But at the same time I like to spoil him. So, I brainstormed and started to write down all the little things he loves in his life. A few as follows, walks, Our Dog (Bisko), learning, his home office (mancave retreat :)), family, keeping fit, Wall Art, History etc… Out of the list I picked a few main things that he has high interest in or consumes a majority of his life. Our Dog, family, home office, walking, Learning History. I went through most of the topics and to be honest he has all he could need especially around the walking and gym areas etc. But I narrowed it down to our dog ‘Bisko’, wall art, Man cave office and History, I was first  thinking of maybe getting a special picture taken and put on canvas, but I felt it wouldn’t be ‘special’ enough. So me being a graphic designer for over 20 years, started to mock up some digital sketches and added some costumes to our dog, I have to admit, it had me smiling from the start, so I knew I was onto something. After a few drafts I concluded a renaissance style picture with Bisko. ‘Sir Biskalot’ and got it printed on canvas. My husband absolutely loves it and laughed so hard, and its still in place on his office wall today.

After this, my husband suggested we should bring joy to other pet owners and offer the service. So , there it was, ‘ Luxury Pawtraits ‘ was born.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Vicky & Mike

P.s : Mike’s office is never this tidy, ever. #rarepicture >

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